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Author/Writer Casey Blane Series

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About Author

Jodi Ann Fahey studied journalism from the time she was in high school. When she attended Fashion Institute of Technology, she was able to branch out into the world of advertising, as well. It was in that field that Jodi learned Graphic Design as well as film production and photography, both as a model and a photographer. Jodi’s articles on local businesses and events were published in local papers.

Jodi is also a freelance web designer and ad developer. Her work has been published in European Homes and Gardens as well as BiBi Magazine. Also, she has done freelance work on Poetry Bay Online Poetry Magazine and Long Island Quarterly.

Utilizing all of her learned skills, Jodi has started her newest venture, The Casey Blane Series.  Jodi not only writes her stories, but she also designs her own covers, creates her own trailers, and designs all her ads. She also created her own website, as well.

Her first book, “Letorian Descendants”, was released December of 2016. In the fall of 2017, “Letorian Descendants was given the distinct honor and recognition by being named and awarded a finalist for the Book Excellence Award. In December of 2017, “Letorian Descendants” was also awarded “One of the Most Memorable Reads of 2017” by Stratford Living.

Jodi’s second book, “Lucian Sword”, was released November of 2017 and was immediately made “Book of the Month” by Rave Review Book Club for the month of January. 

Her third book, “Dragon Lines”, is set to release December of 2018 and Jodi is also part of two anthologies scheduled to release in 2019,  so stay tuned!

Jodi Ann Fahey